what coding bootcamp means to us at druphub

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coding bootcamp at druphub

what is druphub

Drup-hub: a community of passionate people using drupal. The drup came from drupal while hub-in this context means community.

Vision of druphub

Vision is to produce a community of passionate drupal users


Train beginners on the basic pillars of the drupal framework (HTML,CSS,Javascript and PHP).
Teach them how to use drupal
Employ them after passing the basic requirements

What is coding bootcamp.

I have read so many articles on bootcamp and out of those ones, i really enjoyed firehouse articles on coding bootcamp, to expatiate more, coding bootcamp is basically speeding up the learning process of coding which is usually practical based, through one on one interaction with an experienced teacher and programmer.

Benefits of coding bootcamp

  1. Speed up learning process
  2. Learning in groups: this makes you belong to a community
  3. Know the best way of solving a particular problem
  4. Networking: Meet fellow developers and share ideas

What coding bootcamps means to us at druphub

Druphub is taking a slight different approach towards the normal way of doing things, passionate developers that are ready to learn a new language will first conclude the basic language online via any recommended free online platform, after completing the class, they will come to druphub coding bootcamps for the application of that particular language.

Our coding bootcamp is an interesting approach towards learning a new language, gone are those days when you fully relied on google for most of your solutions, now we can interact with fellow developers and learn how to do a particular thing easier and faster.

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